#Weymouth, MA #Retail #Demonstrator Needed!

Set and Services Resources is currently recruiting for Food Product Demonstrators. This is a food demonstration opportunity at a Warehouse Club - Wednesday through Sunday from 10:45 am to 5:15 pm.
-Job Number: 3530-153359-2
-Location: Weymouth, MA 2188
-Start Date: 03/11/15
-# of Days: 15
-Start Time: 10:45 AM
-Estimated Daily Hours: 6
-Pay: $12.00 (taxable) + possible mileage pay (non-taxable) .
We hire all of our workers as W-2 employees and do not use 1099 workers.
-Willing to complete NEHA Food Handlers Certification online - cost is $9.95 at your own expense.
-Prior demo experience is a plus
-Ability to stand 6+ hours
-Dress Code- White long sleeve button down shirt, black slacks and black closed toe shoes
APPLY HERE: http://www.myhireflex.com/work/3530-153359-2

Don't Be Fooled

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